Restaurant & Cafes

We believe that good design is a language that speaks about the project, especially restaurants and cafes, and we always strive to make the place different, distinctive and attractive, as the different designs that keep pace with the latest trends are what make the commercial project successful or not. We also work to make the place as comfortable and warm as possible to provide The greatest luxury in the space.


Uncle osaka  

The Osaka Café project was a great challenge as we tried to integrate many elements together at the same time as we are keen to add warmth, comfort and practicality to the place and to provide different seating areas and quiet lighting that permeates the wood.


Boost juice 

Juice shop was designed and executed with elegance, colors and enthusiasm.



As soon as you enter Wadek Restaurant, you will feel that you have moved to the beautiful color of the picturesque nature, as the design contains a harmonious mixture of plants, woods and stones.